Meetings & Training

The TriMega Board of Directors voted recently to not hold a joint EPIC conference with Independent Stationers in 2019. Factors that affected their decision included decline in dealer attendance, both wholesalers announcing plans for trade shows in 2019 and the manufacturers concern to support several conferences in the same year. Independent Stationers Board and staff have discussed 2019 and believe it’s important to host an annual meeting with our members focused on several initiatives including educational seminars, networking and supplier meetings, in a new condensed format. As we finalize the details of this annual meeting we will share them with everyone.  

Meanwhile we are excited about the upcoming EPIC 2018 – Disrupt Ordinary, in New Orleans LA, Oct 15th through the 18th. New Orleans is a unique venue, and we are working hard to make EPIC 2018 the best EPIC ever. We look forward to seeing everyone there so save those dates and look for event and registration information announcements in the coming weeks.  

We are also actively working with BSA and NOPA to create a single industry event in 2020 and will keep you informed as that initiative moves forward.