Meetings & Training

Please join us for a webinar on Oasis® International / Natura® Water.  Oasis/Natura has recently been activated as a new supplier for Independent Stationers. 

Oasis International is a 100+ year old company that specializes in the design, innovation, and manufacturing of water coolers.  They create bottle coolers (fed by 3 or 5 gallon bottles of water), point of use/plumbed coolers, and water fountains/bottle fillers.  Oasis does not supply the bottled water – its core competency is the manufacturing of the water cooler equipment.  You can use the bottled water source of your choice and pair it with an Oasis cooler to provide a total water solution to your customers.  Join us to learn more about Oasis brand products and how they can help you wrap up the breakroom as the single-source provider of choice to your customer base!

Natura Water is a sister company to Oasis International.  Natura manufactures high-end, triple filtered water systems for high-demand customers like hotels, restaurants, spas, car dealerships, cruise ships, convention centers, casinos, and elite corporate offices.  Natura’s commercial grade water systems deliver chilled sparkling and chilled still water on demand.  Join us to learn more about Natura and how you can offer this luxury water service to your customer base.

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