As you’re shopping for office paper, you may ask yourself “What difference does the paper I buy really make? Paper is just paper.”

Rest assured, not all paper is the same, and what you choose to print on can make a big difference on your finished product.  That’s why you should always look for office papers that feature ColorLok® Technology.

As the standard for richer colors, bolder blacks and faster drying times, ColorLok® Technology delivers a more consistent, higher quality digital printing performance. When you use paper with ColorLok® Technology images and ideas get noticed and make a lasting impression.

You may be thinking, – so what exactly is ColorLok® Technology? During the papermaking process, an additive is incorporated into the paper to “lock” pigments at the surface. Without this technology, paper acts more like a sponge, absorbing black and color pigments deep into the paper and away from the surface. So, what does that mean?

When printing on an inkjet printer, papers with ColorLok® Technology will give you:

  • Vibrant colors and sharper text and graphics
  • Faster drying for reduced smearing

When printing on a laser printer, papers with ColorLok® Technology will give you:

  • Improved reliability (fewer paper jams and misfeeds)
  • Better print quality and performance
  • Longer life for printers

You can take our word for it, or you can see the difference yourself.

These two pieces of paper are the same file, printed on the same printer. On the left we have paper without ColorLok® Technology and on the right, paper with ColorLok® Technology. Do not adjust your screen folks – there really IS that much difference.

Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper and Xerox® Bold Professional™ Quality Paper both feature ColorLok® Technology, and are just what you need to get jobs done efficiently – and get them done right.

Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper is good choice for creating a crisp, professional look on everyday documents. Not only is it whiter and brighter – offering better contrast to documents – but it’s also stiffer which means it feels better in hand and runs more efficiently through printers.

Xerox® Bold Professional™ Quality Paper is a smart choice when you want to make a good impression on your presentations, proposals and reports. It’s thicker, whiter, brighter and smoother, resulting in vivid colors, crisp images and a quality feel. It’s also specifically designed for both laser and inkjet printers, eliminating the need to choose paper based on printer type.

So, remember – the next time you’re shopping for office papers, look for product featuring ColorLok® Technology – specifically Xerox® Vitality® Multipurpose Printer Paper or Xerox® Bold Professional™ Quality Paper. Using Papers with ColorLok® Technology will help your work look smarter, make a better impression and help build your personal brand.

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