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The Independent Stationers Board and Staff are committed to obtain dealer input on many aspects of the group’s operation and programs.  Committees can be a great source of dealer input, and we want them to be as effective as possible.  Most committees meet via teleconference, although some may physically meet once during the year.  Term lengths coincide with the calendar year. 

We invite you to consider yourself, a key employee, or another dealer member who has the talent to help keep Independent Stationers on the leading edge in all areas of endeavor.  If you have served on a committee in the past, and would like to participate again, please submit a form as well!

If you are nominating someone other than yourself, we ask that you contact that person first, and make sure they are willing to serve. 

To complete the nomination process, please click here for the Nomination Form.  Please give us both your name and the name of the person you are nominating. 

We are pleased to announce the openings for volunteer opportunities for 2016.  Please see below the mission for each of these, and consider serving!

PLEASE SUBMIT ALL NOMINATIONS BY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1.  Fax or email to Cora: 317-579-0575,  New Committee Lists will be published in January 2016.


Marketing Committee (2 seats open – three-year terms)

The Marketing Committee’s mission and objectives are to work closely together in order to ensure that Independent Stationers members have available state-of-the-art tools, programs, services and education in order to be successful in their respective marketplace. The committee along with IS staff should explore market-driven marketing tactics with dealers, wholesalers and outside third party providers.  Determine when it’s appropriate to partner on an initiative versus creating something internally for the group, including cost analysis.

RDC & Merchandising Committee (3 seats open – three-year terms)

The committee’s purpose is to select the best value products for IS members to stock and sell to the end-consumer.  Committee members will review and select vendor products to be advertised in the IS catalogs, and will work with IS staff in selecting the stocking items for the RDC. The committee will also assist staff in looking at new programs and vendors.

Federal Sales Committee (3 seats open – three year terms)

The mission of the Federal Sales Committee is to direct the program's non-regulated opportunities for the benefit of all authorized participating dealers in order to sell in the federal government arena.  Committee members are certified participants of the Federal Sales program and are AbilityOne authorized. The top 3 goals of the committee are:  Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the MAS 75 contract, FSSI BPA and other federal opportunities that arise with the federal government; Help dealers implement the federal sales program within their businesses; and Continuous assessment and evaluation of the program to make it accessible for all members and affiliates desiring to participate.

Audit Committee (2 seats open – three year terms)

The mission of the Audit Committee is to establish and maintain contact with the external auditors in order to allow the Auditors access to the Board of Directors and Membership.  The Audit Committee will review the annual audit plan, suggest additional audit procedures it might deem necessary, and review and discuss the final audit report and management letter with the external auditors and Independent Stationers management.  The Audit Committee may also serve as an external contact point for Independent Stationers staff.

Training Committee (2 seats open – three year terms)

The mission of the Training Committee is to ensure that Independent Stationers members are receiving regular training opportunities that will assist their sales staff to increase business through the improvement of their selling skills, and training that strengthens supervisory / management skills of non-sales staff in their dealership. Committee members should include sales and management personnel that have a keen understanding of the importance of training to their dealership.  The goals of the Training Committee will include discussion of Independent Stationers current training opportunities in sales skills, sales management, supervisory/management skills, programs, and products categories;   Identify additional training needs in the above categories;  For each training need identify whether the training should be developed by staff or out sourced;  Communication of training opportunities to the appropriate personnel at each dealership;  Provide tools that are needed for ongoing training reinforcement; and  Identify possible opportunities to partner with wholesalers and third party training firms.

National Accounts Steering Committee (4 seats open – three year terms)

The mission of the National Account Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction for the National Accounts Division in its policies, practices and implementation. The Committee will be charged with three goals:  Problem Solving - solutions on major present strategic initiatives inside NA;  Set Best Demonstrated Dealer Practice on various tactical initiatives; and Be Forward Thinking as the leaders in setting the course for future direction of NA.  This will result in ISNA being the most progressive, greatest dealer participation, highest revenue national account program in the IDC.

Again, you can access the Nomination Form by clicking here.  Thanks for your consideration!