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Last year Congress included language in the FY'18 National Defense Reauthorization Act which called on the General Services Administration (GSA) to create and implement a new Federal online marketplace, similar to those being used in the private sector.

NOPA has had major concerns about how this legislation was written.  From our perspective, it was written by and for Amazon.  However, after months of back and forth and negotiations during the House-Senate conference process, we were able to get significant changes to the legislation.  Instead of being opposed to this new marketplace idea, we are now cautiously optimistic.  This marketplace now has the potential to provide our industry with some new opportunities that hadn't existed before.

To ensure this becomes a reality, we need your help.  We need you and your employees to push Congress towards implementing an industry task force that would work hand-in-hand with GSA on the future of this marketplace.  Simply put, it would give all of us a seat at the table.

To do that, we need everyone to write their Members of Congress requesting that they support a bi-partisan amendment offered by Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) and Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC).  This proposed amendment would create an industry task force, which would work with GSA on ensuring the marketplace meets the needs and intent of Congress, government buyers, industry, and tax-payers.

Help us push this over the goal line!  Write today in support of giving our industry and your business a voice!

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