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Our membership is reaping the benefits of our improved UPS program!  First quarter 2018 included 29 new UPS account numbers on to our program.  This resulted in a 29% increase in UPS spend and puts us solidly in the 25% rebate tier.  Follow the link for details of our UPS rebate program.

Recap of program:

IS Membership Combined Gross UPS Spend per Quarter:

$0 - $250k = 23%

$250k - $375k = 25%

$375k + per quarter = 27%

Our previous six quarters of UPS spend would have generated 25% rebate under this new program.

If you are not currently taking advantage of this IS offering, please contact Robert Anderson,, or Jeff Matthews,, to get set up.

Benefits of our rebate program versus a standard UPS discount program:

  • Aggregated IS group UPS spend volume to maximize your rebate.
  • Simplicity – normal parcel pricing and discounting is confusing with different discounts by service level (Ground, Air, Residential, etc.) and accessorial charges make it even more confusing for the shipper.   The IS program offers one flat discount which applies to everything.  This makes it very easy to determine the bottom line cost for a shipment.
  • Knowing the true effective incentive.  Parcel carriers have minimum billable charges per package along with a wide range of accessorial charges (residential, handling charges, destination area charges, etc.).  With normal parcel discounting the stated discount is typically very different than the total applied discount.   This is not the case with the IS program.   The stated discount is the applied discount as well.  
  • 166 dim divisor.   The published dim weight divisor for UPS and FedEx is 139.   UPS and FedEx take package length x width x height and divide by 139 to determine the minimum billable weigh for a package.    As part of the IS agreement UPS will divide by 166.   This often results in a billable weight difference of 1 to 2 pounds which can result in a difference in billable cost.
  • The discount applies to all charges – essentially already discussed above but can’t emphasize this enough.
  • Additional Handling waiver for boxes between 48” and 60” in length.  You save $10.50 per package as the handling fee is waived.