Independent Suppliers Group offers a variety of marketing programs designed for members to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and grow their business. Many marketing materials are customizable for a variety of dealer needs.  Here are just some of those programs:

INTELLIWEB DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM - IntelliWeb is an innovative, full-service Digital Marketing Program that provides dealers with access to a professional, customizable website homepage that generates leads, corresponding email campaigns with content that engages customers and creative blogs on dealers social networks.

M-POWER INTEGRATED MARKETING PROGRAM - The M-Power Program offers many different sales and marketing tools for dealers to use including product information/sale flyers, promotions, ecommerce materials, training materials and more!

MARKETING TOOLBOX - The Marketing Toolbox includes a variety of Best Practice Guides, dealer submissions, buy local campaign information, the latest on social media marketing and more. It also includes programs with special negotiated member pricing.

SPARK SERIES WEBINARS - Monthly training is available featuring the latest trends in online marketing.

WE'RE PART OF A BIGGER NETWORK VIDEO - An animated video is available for ISG members to use that explains how being part of a cooperative makes you competitive. The video also explains the importance of buying locally.